basement flood protection systems


Questions to ask when considering a battery backup sump pump system:

Why do I need a battery backup sump pump system?

In the event of power failure or primary pump failure, your backup sump pump takes over as your primary pump until power is restored, or you have replaced the primary pump, protecting the investment you have in your home and basement. In some cases, your homeowner's insurance policy will provide a discount for an emergency backup sump pump system.

What are some of the reasons for sump pump failure?

What is a balanced system?

Exclusive to Trusty Warns, our "balanced" system will operate the pump and recharge the battery simultaneously. Our pump will also operate off of AC power without depleting the battery.

Will the Trusty Warns pump fit in my sump pit?

The Trusty Warns system fits easily into most sump pits as its footprint is only 4-1/2" in diameter.

Why does Trusty Warns recommend its system be piped independently from the primary pump?

The Trusty Warns system uses a 2" discharge pipe for maximum water flow capacity; most sump pumps have a 1-1/2" water discharge pipe.

I have a generator; do I need a backup system?

Yes, a backup system will protect your basement from flooding in the event of primary pump failure.

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