basement flood protection systems


"I purchased my Trusty Warns Back-up System in 2003. HURRICANE IRENE hit us hard with wind and rain where I live in NJ. We got about 12 inches of rain over 24 hours and POWER WAS OUT FOR 30 HOURS. Most of my neighbors got 6-12 inches of water in their basements - My Trusty warns system kicked in and WORKED FLAWLESSLY FOR 30 HOURS AND I HAD NO WATER IN MY BASEMENT... I felt badly when my neighbors ask how much water I got, when I had to tell them none.. Well I expect several of them will be reaching out to you... I plan to send them your website."

Thank you
Tom Gormeley

Rockaway, NJ

"I would like to commend your product for a job well done this past week. We live in Des Plaines, one of the area's hardest hit by last week's storms. We lost power on Thursday at 3PM and didn't get our power back until Friday at 11AM; our Trusty Warns system ran continuously the entire time. I didn't muffle the alarm, it was music to my ears."


Des Plaines, IL

"Last night was the biggest test ever for our Trusty Warns system! I had no power from 4PM until 4AM the next day. My finished basement was dry as a bone; Trusty Warns passed the test with flying colors!

Thanks again, Trusty Warns!"


"During Glenview's recent power outage, we were so thankful that we had a Trusty Warns system.

We were without power for a total of 95 hours. During the first 24 hours, the Trusty Warns system worked the entire time, cycling every 30 seconds. We would recommend Trusty Warns to anyone!"

Ted and Linda

Glenview, IL

"I installed a Trusty Warns system after my basement flooded in February 2007. During the recent August deluge that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes in the Chicago area, our basement was one of the only ones that didn't flood. Our Trusty Warns system activated and pumped immense amounts of water out of our pit about every 40 seconds, and did so until power was restored — 14 hours later!"


Riverwoods, IL

"Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the top-notch service from your technician Mike (serviced our system on June 9th). He was cordial, courteous, very professional, very knowledgeable, explained everything clearly, did not try to sell us something that we did not need, but advised what to consider at the next annual service call."


Schaumburg, IL